Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I make a reservation?

You can make a reservation at our website at page ‘make a reservation‘.

What's the price for Dinner in Motion?

Go directly to reservations to see the prices.

I like to visit Dinner in Motion with a group, how can I make a reservation?

Reservations up to 10 people can be made online at the page ‘make a reservation‘.
Are you with 10 or more people? Then you can make a group request by this page.
Do you have any questions? Please call or email us! We are happy to help you.

When does Dinner in Motion take place?

From Wednesday to Sunday

What time does the show start?

Go directly to reservations to see the starting times.

Can I give a speech?

Unfortunately it is not possible to give a speech during or after dinner. The show is linked to a (time) schedule and we cannot deviate from this.

Can you choose a private table?

At Dinner in Motion you will be in a room with max. 36 people on 1 table. Of course we make sure that you will sit next to of opposite the person with whom you bought your ticket.

For more info check out our page ‘groups

Where does Dinner in Motion take place?

In the Piazza, in the centre of Eindhoven, click here for directions.

What age group is it meant for?

Dinner in Motion is suitable for all ages, however we recommend to visit the Dinner show with children from the age of 8. Please take into account that it is not possible to walk around during the show.

I am disabled can I visit Dinner in Motion?

It is possible to visit Dinner in Motion with a wheelchair, but we like to know this in advance. So we like to request disabled people to book via telephone and to pass on their wishes in person.

Is there a dress code?

Wear your best outfit! This is not just a dinner date. For the men, a nice suit or a suit jacket. For the ladies, a dress or skirt. But do you have something else in mind that is also smart? We love to see it.

If I am late can I still go inside?

Of course, that is not a problem. Our hostess will take you in at a suitable moment. Unfortunately, it is not possible to still serve the dishes that were served before your arrival.

Can I take pictures during the show?

Yes, but only with a mobile phone and without flash.

I have epilepsy. Can I visit the show?

There are a few scenes to which people with epilepsy might responds sensitively, therefore we recommend you to inform us that you have epilepsy when you arrive. So we can indicate at which scene you can better leave the room.